Oil Production Rennovation Tool

TOZ-114 Main Functions

  • Improves Bottom Hole Depression;
  • Provides Bottom Hole Cleaning;
  • Improves skin factor

TOZ-114 Unique Features

  • Does not let  well fluid and bottom hole mud into the production zone
  • Provides an effective and low-cost well completion with very short preparation time
  • Works by mechanical & hydrolic; NO USE of Chemical or electricity
  • Does  not need pump, wireline, or any other additional tool on the surface to operate
  • Safes time and money compares to chemical recirculation

TOZ-114 Application Cases

  • Work-Over Operations;
  • Well Completion;
  • Repair Operations in Multi-Hole Wells.

TOZ-114 Functioning

TOZ-114 is a well repair tool for effective collection of bottom hole mud for its further removing out of the well.  The mud collection is provided due to the pressure differential in the tool.

TOZ-114 Technical Features

Body diameter , mm 89
Check valve , mm 342
Choke, mm 160
Overload valve , mm 741
Safety valve , mm 463
Choke orifice diameter, mm 7
Length of piston stroke of the overload valve, mm 60
Working depth, m up to 3000
Choke pressure, МPа 4.5
Total weight, kg 70
Casing string diameters, mm 114; 120; 140; 146; 168

TOZ-Well Site

Picture of TOZ is being used in Timan-Pechora Field (Rosneft) producing 700,000 bopd

TOZ-114 Schematic

1. Technological connection.
2. After drilling mounting attachment.
3. Tubing                                        
4. Well head                                   
5. Inlet trough        
6. Hose pipe
7. Pedestal
8. Mobile pulling rig                              
9. Sludge tank.
10–12 TOZ elements
13. Bottom hole zone
14. Sludge in flow
15. Production Tubing
16.  Shut in liquid

Main Stage of TOZ Technology

  1. A producing well is shut- in with saline liquid
  2. A mobile pulling rig (8) is brought to the well site
  3. The tubing string (3) is pulled out of the well
  4. TOZ unit (10-12) is connected to the lower pipe of the tubing string (3). The tubing string (3) is lowered back to the well until the TOZ unit reaches the bottom hole zone (13) to be cleaned
  5. Once the TOZ reached the Bottom hole zone to be cleaned (13) then the valve will be opened mechanically as a result of special up and down movements of tubing string.
  6. TOZ will suck all kind of sludge in the bottomhole by differential pressure that happened between bottomhole pressure and atmospheric pressure in the tubing.
  7. The tubing with the TOZ unit is lifted up to the well surface after the tubing string over the TOZ full of sludge by measuring the weight of the tubing column with the TOZ attached to it
  8. The bottom hole sludge is emptied from the TOZ unit to a sludge tank (9) mechanically

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